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Extreme-Environment Outdoor LED Video Marquees and Scoreboards

Signs Hawaii -Design-Install-Service LED Marquees for Tropical Environments

Extreme-Environment Outdoor Marquees

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Have you visited the Ala Moana Mall and noticed a rather large LED Video Board displaying your favorite advertisements?  Perhaps going to work on the Navy Base at Pearl Harbor and noticing the important messages being displayed across a few of the Marquees on base?  Maybe even just dropping the kids off at school this morning and your eyes being drawn to that big LED Marquee reminding you it is an early dismissal day tomorrow?   

Signs Hawaii is here to provide creative solutions that allow your needs to be met!  Let's get your message across!  We are committed to building long-lasting customer service with reliable products that perform in extreme conditions that you will be sure to depend on. Daktronics uses an 1/8" inch gel sealant protecting these Marquees from any geckos or pests, salt and water/humidity.  Click the link to the right to watch Daktronics video testing the reliability of their products.

Interested in seeing if a Marquee is the right fit for you!?  Contact us at info@signshawaii.com or call 808-841-2224 and we will be happy to schedule a time with you to come on location and discuss the size, location, power distribution and pricing that best fits your needs.

Signs Hawaii is the Daktronics and Fair-Play Distributor and Service Center for all Hawaiian Islands and Guam.  

Signing and scoring Hawaii for well over 30 years.  Zero Down Time is Our Goal!  

Product Reliability Test

 As part of a continuing tradition of excellence in communications technology, Daktronics opened a state-of-the-art product reliability laboratory that uses the latest advancements in environmental technology to test the limits of every Daktronics product, providing valuable feedback during the product development life cycle.​